Modelling Teams

FishMIP simulations would not happen without the contributions of many marine ecosystem modellers working together from different regions of the world.

For more detailed information on each modelling team’s past contributions to ISIMIP simulations and how to cite their outputs please see here.

FishMIP is an open community and continues to grow. Currently our ensemble comprises up to 9 global models and over 30 regional marine ecosystem models. Please refer to our Protocol Page to participate in our Simulation Rounds.

Global Modelling Teams

Coordinators: Camilla Novaglio & Ryan Heneghan

Tittensor et al. 2021

Our global model ensemble has evolved through time and has supported a wide range of studies, including policy reports on long-term climate impacts for the IPCC 5th and 6th assessments.

Our current global model members are listed below.

Model Modelers
APECOSM Olivier Maury, Nicholas Barrier
BOATS Daniele Bianchi, Jerome Giet, Kim Scherrer
DBEM William Cheung, Juliano Palacios Abrantes
DBPM Julia Blanchard, Camilla Novaglio, Ryan Heneghan
EcoOcean Marta Coll, Jeroen Steenbeek, Villy Christensen
EcoTroph Didier Gascuel, Vianney Guibourd de Luzinais
FEISTY Colleen Petrik, Daniel van Denderen, Ken Andersen
MACROECOLOGICAL Ryan Heneghan, Simon Jennnings
ZOOMS Jason Everett, Anthony Richardson

Regional Modelling Teams

Regional Ecosystem Model coordinators: Kelly Ortega (overall lead & Atlantis), Marta Coll (EwE), Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats (mizer), Yunne Shin (OSMOSE)

Figure created by Denisse Fierro Arcos

We are excited to currently have 34 regional marine ecosystem modelers, who have contributed shapefiles to our map above and are planning to contribute to our FishMIP 2.0 simulations. Not shown in map is KRILLPODYM by David Green and Southern Ocean MICE by Viv Tulloch. We also welcome variants of these or bespoke model types provided they are published and skill assessed. To ensure consistency and standardisation of our simulations please follow our specific regional model implementation guidelines. Or contact the relevant coordinators above for any questions.

We are striving towards regional model ensembles - case studies with more than one model per region - to help support regional scale climate risk assessments and fisheries management adaptation plans.






North Sea

Chris Lynam

Mike Spence

Morgane Travers


Marta Coll

Marta Coll

Southern Benguela

Lynne Shannon

Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos

Kelly Ortega


Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos

Southeast Australia

Javier Porobic

Camilla Novaglio

Beth Fulton

East Antarctica/

Prydz Bay/


Roshni Subramaniam,

Camila Cataldo Mendez

Kieran Murphy,

Romain Forestier

Ilaria Stollberg , Javier Porobic

Chatham Rise

Samik Datta (RPath)

Samik Datta & Alice Rogers

Vidette McGregor


Goldern Bays

Samik Datta (RPath)

Samik Datta & Alice Rogers

Vidette McGregor

Bering Sea

Andy Whitehouse (RPath)

Jon Reum

Baltic Sea

Susa Niiranen

Max Lindmark

Nordi and Barents Sea

Bérengère Husson

Hawai’i based Longline

Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats

James Ruzicka & Caren Barcelo (ECOTRAN)

Eastern Scotian Shelf

Ezekiel Adekoya

California Current

Laura Koehn

Isaac Kaplan

Puget Sound

Hem Morzaria-Luna

Cook Strait

Tyler Eddy

NE Brazil

Leonardo Capitani

Gulf of Alaska

Bia Dias

Cheryl Barnes