Science Coordination

All FishMIP activities and simulation experiments are designed and led by a dedicated group of coordinators. For general inquiries please contact us on

For more specific help or requests you may wish to contact the relevant coordinator(s) below:

The FishMIP Coordination Team:

FishMIP overall lead: , IMAS- University of Tasmania

Global Marine Ecosystem Models and Fisheries Data:, IMAS-University of Tasmania & FAO and , University of the Sunshine Coast

Regional Marine Ecosystem Models and Downscaling: , University of Cape Town

Earth System Models:, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and , Louisiana State University

Future Societal Scenarios: IRD; , Marine Institute Memorial University; , Dalhousie University

Science communication and outreach:,Marine Institute Memorial University and , Louisiana State University

Data scientist: , IMAS-University of Tasmania

Website: ,IMAS-University of Tasmania

ISIMIP cross-sectoral studies: Julia Blanchard & Tyler Eddy

Previous Fish-MIP leadership:
  • Derek Tittensor (lead coordinator, 2017-2020)

  • Eric Galbraith (global model coordinator, 2014-2020)

  • Heike Lotze (lead coordinator, 2014-2016)

  • Tyler Eddy (regional model coordinator, 2014-2023)

  • William Cheung (global model coordinator, 2014-2016)